About Us

     driftless trading post


     Driftless Trading Post is an outdoor convenience store providing river outfitting services, local food, beer and more.  Located in Fillmore county along the Root River Valley in the heart of the Driftless region of Minnesota, we strive to provide visitors with a memorable experience.  We are a premier kayak, float tube, and canoe rental/shuttle service with a simple "deli" style eatery that also provides beer for on sale and off sale from some of the top brew masters in the area.  The importance of procuring locally sourced, sustainable ingredients is very important to us and we hope to pass that passion along to our customers.

     It is our goal to not only provide the best of the best of the region but also do our part in caring for our planet as a whole.  We are committed to using 100% bio-degradable / compost friendly packaging.  The philosophy of less is more resonates from our food to our impact on our very fragile ecosystem.  We encourage all of our guests to treat this and all environments as if "they" as people were never there.  Please respect nature clean up after yourself, discard trash in the proper manner, and at the end of the day respect the phrase "leave no trace".

     Combining our passion for the natural world and the appreciation of local food and its curators we are confident you will depart with an unforgettable experience.